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How To Get You Airdrop On Your Mac OS, Iphone & Ipad?

Airdrop is the Apple’s official file sharing app. It allows instant sharing of photos, videos and documents with all the Apple devices. Airdrop is a fine utility service for all the Apple users. It is not much difficult to use airdrop, but it becomes a bit complex when we need to share something from our mac. The reason behind this is that airdrop is a hidden service in roots of finder window.

The following steps would allow you to access Airdrop directly through the dock of your Mac. You can just simply tap on the icon to airdrop iPhone or iPad. Airdrop is hidden by default, so follow the steps below to get Airdrop on MacOS Dock.

Add Airdrop to Mac Dock:

  • Navigate to the finder of MacOS. Select ‘This Mac’ from the list.

  • In the finder menu bar click the go menu and then click the go folder.

  • A dialog box will pop-up asking for the path to the desired location, just copy/paste the path below: /System/Library/CoreServices/ 

  • After reaching the Contents/Applications/ folder, look for package. You will see the Airdrop icon in the package, drag the icon to the desired location on the dock.

  • Exit the finder window.

How to share files through Airdrop from iPhone or iPad?

Airdrop enables you to share files between your contacts or everyone. Sharing with contacts will be a bit time-taking but it assures that there will be no issues. Choosing ‘everyone’ will be a bit instant and won’t require much fiddling but it will not be so secure as anyone in your proximity. You can configure who can make an Airdrop to your device by following the steps below:
  • Swipe up from the base of the screen and launch the control center. 
  • Hold the wireless control box from the top left corner of the control center. 
  • Click on Airdrop icon. 
  • Now you can choose who can send files to you through Airdrop iPhone. Select your choice to turn Receiving off, Contacts only and Everyone option.

To share the files through Airdrop iPhone to your Mac or any other Apple device

Follow the steps below:
  • Access the app followed by selecting the files you want to share.
  • Click the share button followed by tapping the avatar of the recipient of the files. 
  • You can also select multiple recipients by tapping multiple avatars of the recipients nearby apple

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