Our Thoughts About Software Design And Development

Comparison between Hybrid App vs. Native App

Native apps are applications which are designed for a specific mobile Operating Systems like iOS or Android. They are built using different programming languages like Swift or Objective-C for developing iOS app and Java (Android Studio) for Android apps.

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Major Differences between Angular 1 vs Angular 2 vs Angular 4

In the last five years, AngularJS has become one of the hot favorite in web development. It has updated its version from Angular version 1.0 to Angular version 2.0 and now Angular version 4.0. The AngularJS Development team use these features provided by the Angular 1.0 to 4.0 bringing major improvements of the developed code size.

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2D vs 3D Animation — Pros and Cons

What are basic differences in 2D and 3D? 2D and 3D refers to the dimensions in a computer space. 2D is flat as it uses the horizontal x-axis and the vertical y-axis dimensions and when it is turned, it becomes a line. 3D uses the depth z-axis.

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Animations in Mobile UX Design

Today you would barely find an app without a single animation. Even the simplest, animated elements allow users to ‘touch’ an app. Obviously adding mobile animations can be a very complex task. One work done poorly can spoil the whole impression of the app interface.

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Software Configuration Management System

A software configuration management system provides solutions to various challenges faced by different roles in a development team, forming an essential part of almost any software development project. These roles include software engineers or developers, project leaders, test engineers, process engineers, managers and even executives. ​

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