Our Thoughts About Software Design And Development

2D vs 3D Animation — Pros and Cons

What are basic differences in 2D and 3D? 2D and 3D refers to the dimensions in a computer space. 2D is flat as it uses the horizontal x-axis and the vertical y-axis dimensions and when it is turned, it becomes a line. 3D uses the depth z-axis.

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Software Configuration Management System

A software configuration management system provides solutions to various challenges faced by different roles in a development team, forming an essential part of almost any software development project. These roles include software engineers or developers, project leaders, test engineers, process engineers, managers and even executives. ​

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Alarming cyber-security threats

Do you know in today’s world even the simple of the simplest things can be hacked? It can be a smart phone or a gaming console or even the system of a car because we are in the era of IOT or internet of things where every device is connected with one another through cloud which makes it possible to store and crack data by anywhere anytime.

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Updating your online presence is a must.

Before approaching how to maintain your website or how to keep your website regularly updated, it is important to understand why do we need to update our online presence regularly? Why is it so important to keep a check on the newer technologies on a regular basis?

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