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Best Apps To Share Files On Android

Transferring data is always a time-consuming task especially when you want to share large files from one device to another device, phone to tablet or phone to computer. Moreover, transferring the data securely without any limits or restrictions is another concern.

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The best Linux distros for beginners.

Linux is the most secure OS than any other as it protects important files from the attack of viruses and malware. Linux is more than an OS now. Its popularity has been increasing rapidly and more smartphones devices has switched to Linux due to its high tech security system.

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Quantum Development Kit by Microsoft

Recently Microsoft announced its first major upgrade to its Quantum Development Kit since it has been introduced last year. It has added several new features which are designed so that the platform could be introduced to a wide group of developers.

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A.I in Web Development – Digital revolution

Web development services and social media giants recently underwent a makeover in the development part. This is basically done to reach to the target mobile audience. According to the market research, 75% of the users access almost every website and social media platform through phones. In fact we hear every day that the tech world is growing with the use of the advanced technology which is bringing us closer.

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