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Travel Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Now a days, travelling industry has become expensive. It has basically became a market dominated by the price quotations, where every business organization compete with one another against expenditure and cutting costs based on their ability to offer cheaper packages. CRM for the travel business offers a perfect solution to gain new customers and manages operations, thus increasing your company’s productivity.

CRM-based Travel Management have the ability to enable your systems manage multiple aspects of your travel agency business. It offers a number of features such as to cut costs and enhance travel experience. This helps you to gain more number of customers without a drop-in your service quality level. Here, we will be seeing how CRM actually improves the factors that determine the relationship between a travel agency and a traveler.

CRM in travel business helps a company to work on their services and business procedures and maintain a good bonding with loyal customers by responding to their individual needs and values. A custom CRM based solution helps in maintaining book keeping services, cloud based apps including Google Apps, database, sales tools, analytics and mailing. Other than that, it also helps in reporting, pricing and customer services technologies.

CRM Features & its role in the travel business

CRM system which are specially designed for the travel agencies aims to satisfy specific needs of travel companies. Since the CRM has a number of additional features, it is easier for the system to organize information, implement communications and automate operating procedures. Here are some of the key functionalities for CRM solution that simplify tasks, save time and money:
  • Customer database allows to track all available information related to customer, travel itinerary, pre-sales and post-sales communication. These features enables travel agents to follow their customer’s requirements more effectively and right on time.

  • Email, chats and back office services can be synchronized with CRM system.

  • Help Desk Support provides guidance about software product and help with troubleshoot.

  • Information such as booking and service history, future bookings, customer preferences, survey results and travel issues will be supplied. The best thing about the additional feature is that it can export all data and define reports in Excel format which as a result will cause an improvement in storage, segmentation and management of your customer data.

  • Analysis of data will provide statistics and reports on customers in controlling departments of sales. Due to the usage of powerful analytical tools and sophisticated metrics because of CRM solution the highest yielding customers along with the effectiveness of B2B and B2C campaigns are estimated.
  • Records of e-mail and electronic fax contacts can be kept along with exchanging of data with other systems such as Tour Operator System.

  • Communication with a customer by the company and its time are kept recorded by contact appointment scheduler. It helps in accurate bookings and orders schedules

  • Booking component manages all the booking correctly on real time by accessing its information from anywhere.

  • Customer relationship management system allows the travel agents to interact freely with all its clients along with editing, saving or updating customer-related information, managing all customer activity.

Why travel based on CRM are needed?

A CRM based on travel agency appears a bit too weird. But if a modern technology is required to determine the efficiency in the travel industry, CRM software is required. But first, a few of these primary questions must be answered.
  • Do really CRM software satisfy the budget in the market?
  • Is it possible to be provided with a package that’s equivalent or better than the one supplied by competitor?
  • What do we need to do to organize a tightly integrated travel plan?
  • How to reduce the potentials for possible inconveniences?
  Instead of individually solving these queries, there must be a balanced solution for all these aspects. Or else they might demands additional resources. So the answer and the only solution is CRM Software. The right travel based CRM solution will help you to maintain a balanced system that combines all these aspects in a simple and cheaper way.  

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