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Updating your online presence is a must.

Before approaching how to maintain your website or how to keep your website regularly updated, it is important to understand why do we need to update our online presence regularly? Why is it so important to keep a check on the newer technologies on a regular basis?

Surely every website owner wants to see their site on the first page of search results. Only websites which are frequently updated or the one which provide more relevant and up-to-date content to the users, are placed in the first few rankings. If a site is not updated regularly, over the time some links on your website may become an orphan link or a subject which has become outdated. If you don’t fix these issues, search engines lowers your ratings. Whenever new customers land on your website and notice that the latest blog posts there date around few years back or the contact details are not updated or the design is outdated, they are going to think that your business has become inactive or in the verge of closing. Thus they will prefer to choose your competitors that are more active on the web.

Do you know that if you keep on posting new informative contents, your clients or viewers may share it in social networks and link to it on their websites? However, if your contents were made a couple of years ago, the rate of interlinking would decrease. As a result you may lose viewers.

Main things to focus while updating a website.

What are the things you need to do to keep a successful online presence of your website or product?
  • Technical maintenance of your site such as fixing up issues like broken links, 404 error page or missing media content. You need to regularly check for such issues and fix them so that your website do not lose its ranking by search engines.
  • If your website is a high ranking one, it is necessary to update the blog section, contact details, testimonials and home page.
  • Website designing is always an important thing to consider as we say the first impression is the last one. So having an outdated design decreases number of visitors to your site

Tips for keeping your website updated always.

  1. Keep your contact and personal information up to date. Always remember that your clients will have to reach you out. Your contact details may change. Keeping that in mind, you need to update that information in your website. Also this should be done regarding About us or Team page.

    If a new member is added to the team or there is a resignation of a team member that information should be properly updated within a specific time. A person who is no longer working with you shouldn’t be on the website so that your client understand whom they are dealing with. This also includes working hours. If there is a holiday, don’t forget to notify your client so that they know this and doesn’t unfollow you if they cannot get in touch.

  2. Once you have your blog ready, you need to update it regularly. New posts should be added a couple of times almost every week or at least just once a week. This will result in good ranking of your search result thus your website is alive and active. 

  3. Be active in social media. Why social network is considered so important? Today all modern businesses rely heavily on social networks. If your website is not linked to your accounts in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, neither your posts will be shared to the world nor will outsiders know about your business making your business a disappointing one.
    Once your website is connected to your social media profiles, you can regularly start posting feeds and share some small updates regarding your work. If your office is having a small outing or you’ll are having a corporate party, or having a festival celebration, share these moments and give your followers an insight into your daily life. To promote your accounts on social networks, widgets can be used to update contents and display them both in your social networks and in your website.

  4. Always eliminate orphan links or broken links. Due to broken links, accessing pages on your website create trouble and result in disappointment of your visitors. Websites with broken links are blacklisted by search engines so that people do not stumble upon broken links. 

  5. Links may get broken or sometimes some pages may be archived or removed. It’s your responsibility to check for broken links and fix them. Before using online tools for checking broken links, a manual checkup is a must. A page may return HTTP 200 response that is not recognized by broken links checker, but still display the content that is not relevant. Online tools, such as V3C Link Checker, Dead Link Checker, and Online Broken Link Checker are used for detecting and fixing the broken links.

  6. Plugins or extension can be used for checking broken links if you run a CMS or e-commerce website. To prevent having broken links on your website, it is better to minimize URL change, use shorter URLs and avoid unnecessary linking to unreliable sources and PDF documents.

  7. Other than designing and updating personal information and blog, another thing is necessary in your website which is security. If your website is not regularly updated, it becomes vulnerable to hacker attacks, which is definitely not what you want. Now during updating your website, there might be something or your system might crash and you do not have a backup. Thus you end up losing almost every data. So while updating your website, do it with caution. Always create a full website backup before updating your website so that you can always revert back to your website to the previous state in case something goes wrong. If you use plugins, update those too because with newer plugin versions, you’ll have newer functionality and features.

  8. Updating the design of your website is another factor necessary to consider for a website update, Even if you have the best and the most exciting content, it will lose its appeal if your website is outdated and obsolete.To update your website design either you may hire a professional web designer who uses the latest technology to re-design your site or use a modern website template to quickly make your website looks beautiful and trendy. Actually the new website templates made with the use of all the latest tools, plugins and technology which gives your website a new look making it presentable and appealing.

  9. When you monitor your website analytics, look for the pages that have the highest bounce rate. Think what went wrong there. Think about restructuring or redesigning those pages or updating the content of these pages so that they look appealing as equal to other website pages. 

Once the number of your website contents and pages increases over time, usability testing is required that means doing a test to decide whether it is useful for your website guests to navigate and use your website.
  • This is basically for owners who run e-commerce websites or e-shops. If you’re running an e-shop, you should frequently check a number of things.
  • Is your product information is up-to-date in your e-shop?
  • Is the number of products available displayed correctly?
  • Are the out of stock products are shown correctly?
  • Are all the product variations shown still available at your shop?
  • Are the prices of the products displayed are shown correctly?
  • Are the discounts and offers shown are still available?
Always be accurate and honest with your customers because one disappointment or giving a chance of negligence will give your customers a chance of prefer your competitors over you.
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