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By ADMIN| May 30, 2018



Why do we require sales tracking software? The best sales tracking software offers a number of benefits to an enterprise for business planning to improve the business’s overall success. Actually, if you have the best sales tracking software, you will notice a number of changes in the sales management such as changes in automation, smart workflows and extensive analysis capabilities. With these features, it’s now easier to maintain a strong, successful sales team.Basically there are a wide range of software solutions to choose from, but all of them are not created equally. However, there are some core benefits that every solution should provide to its customers. Here are the key benefits that you should be receiving from your sales tracking software solution:

Benefits of sales tracking software:

Providing the best collaboration and internal communication:

The main advantage of having a cloud-based, sales tracking software is the ability to gather all of a contact’s information on one page. Since you are working on the cloud, every team member, can view, edit and update information on a contact’s page. Every interaction with the particular contact is tracked and updated in real time. This means that the information will be regularly updated. This provides an advantages of decreasing inefficient overlap that occurs when two teams are working in isolation. But gathers the same information on the same contact. Regardless of who is assisting your customer today, he or she will have all of that customer’s historical data at their fingertips.The CRM software enables you to know that every team member put their best efforts to support existing customers and convert new leads.
  • Data accessibility is useful when you work in the cloud allowing your employees to access and work with customer data anytime.
  • Contact timelines helps in representing a visual representation of contacts activity histories, including emails exchanged, website visits, social updates, and dashboard activity.
  • Single page management provides you the accessibility to your prospect information such as their contact information, communication history, social media profiles, interests and lead scores

Maximum Operational Efficiency.

Did you ever think how much time does your staff spent on the administrative tasks? What would be the consequences if you could reduce that time by half or more through utilizing cloud-based solutions to automate and streamline the majority of your administration and how would you spend the extra time?To answer these questions you would conclude that, you would be able to spend more time and energy where it requires the most such as converting leads, closing deals and diverting more of your attention to your customers which would ensure that they are consistently satisfied with your products and services. The CRM software allows you to regulate daily administrative tasks and reduces your time so that your team can focus on revenue-driving efforts that help you to fulfill your vision and mission.
  • Drag-and-drop project management tools helps you in assigning tasks to team member, trigger task alerts and keep a record of tasks which are complete and which needs special attention.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces enables you to navigate your task list, sort by due date, and mark tasks which you have completed.
  • Advanced network capabilities such as one-click dialing, call scripts, voicemail automation, and auto dialer and call logs. This helps in increasing the network of customers you are connecting with.

Understanding Customer Behavior and Interests

You can prepare and execute a perfect conversation with your contacts by gaining some basic knowledge about their interests and behaviors such as any specific videos or blogs which they had clicked.The CRM software provides you the best insight into your prospects and customers. You can provide them with what or when they need it.
  • Advanced web analytics tools tracks the web activity of your prospects and customers. They analyzes their behavior and identify the patterns, and record your interaction.
  • Lead scoring capabilities helps you in gaining prospects based on their interests and activities.
  • Tag-based segmentation enables you to categorize your contacts based on their interests, and demographics.
  • Social media integrations let you sync your contacts’ social media profiles and interact with them directly through the CRM software.

Better decision making

A proper and effective sales management depends on maintaining progress your team is making. You have the access to dashboards and custom reporting. One can make more right decisions such as the conditions which are slowing down the flow of your sales funnel. It is important to understand where and why deals are stalling and take action to correct it.It’s your choice to work on a suitable insight which would provide you a sustainable and long lasting success. The CRM software brings all that information right at your fingertips.
  • Lead conversion reports enables you to check how quickly leads are passing through your funnel. It helps you to understand better how many deals are there at each stage of the pipeline.
  • Sales funnel analysis helps sales managers to evaluate the performance of their teams. This is to make sure that important sales KPIs continue to perform well.
  • Predictive analytics helps you more to forecast future revenue more accurately based on pipeline activity.

More Satisfied Customers Over the Long Term

Winning deals is the top priority of a sales team. If recurring revenue is part of your business model, customer retention are an important factors too. The sales tracking software improves customer satisfaction in many ways. Automation of daily tasks gives you more time so that you can have a one-on-one interactions with customers.The automated surveys are used to gather customer feedback enables you to analyze their responses, and respond quickly when a customer needs assistance or has a question.The CRM software provides the best customer retention and satisfaction, ensuring long-term interest in your brand.
  • Online calendar allows customers to schedule their own appointments with you.
  • Information related to customers regarding their interests and history allows you to provide a personalized, world-class experience with every interaction.
  • Integrated helpdesk features help your team respond to customer issues more quickly, and continually analyze and improve upon your service.
  • Advanced communication tools and automated communications always keeps your custom.

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