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Salesforce offers Essentials

This week Salesforce launched the Salesforce Essentials which is a collection of intelligent apps that targets the small and mid-sized businesses.

The Salesforce essentials are built on the Salesforce Lightning framework. They provide a consumer-like experience suitable and optimized for any device. Here the relevant information is displayed on one unified console. The Lightning enables the drag-and-drop customization.

According to Marie Rosecrans, the SVP for SMB marketing at Salesforce, 60% of the SMB staff who were involved in the Salesforce research indicated that they were personally responsible for at least three areas of their business. Since the organization had one or more in-house IT staff, it was difficult for them to implement new technologies. But Salesforce Essentials are easy one. They are portable, easier to try, set up, use and maintain thus it becomes possible for every small business to switch to Salesforce Platform.

However, Salesforce Essentials have a few flaws. It doesn’t have a large number of users. It needs more marking and had to be more streamlined or cost-effective. Also you won’t get the Service or Sales Cloud license from Salesforce in Essentials.

Why Essentials are required?

The major benefit of Sales Cloud Essentials, are they gives sales reps a complete view of their customers. Along with the Lightning Sales Console it provides the activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussion all in one place. Other than that the Sales Cloud Essentials also offers reports and dashboards. This information is accessible from any device using the Salesforce Mobile App.

The Service Cloud Essentials allows small service teams to set up the help desks quickly so that a faster and more personalized customer service is provided by the organization.

Due to the Lightning Service Console, the service agents are provided a 360-degree view of customer interactions everything in one unified desktop view, regardless of how customers reach out through email, phone or social media services such as Twitter or Facebook. With the help of the Service Cloud Mobile app personalized service are provided to each client from anywhere. Did you hear about the Einstein Activity Capture? One of the useful feature of Salesforce Essentials. It automatically adds the important emails and calendar information to the particular records in Salesforce.

The messages which are captured by the Einstein Activity capture, provides a history of engagement which as a result helps the sales people to have necessary context to work with customers.

On the other hand, Customers can make use of the Small Business Hub on the AppExchange to access apps that integrate with Essentials.

Easy to set up

The free online learning platform of Salesforce, Trailhead, helps in installation by providing the setup wizards and other tools for using Essentials. The best thing about Trailhead is it reduces the time to deploy Sales and Service Cloud by more than 50 percent.

Small Business Hub Apps

Basically there are six apps in the Salesforce Small Business Hub:
  • Hellosign for Salesforce
  • Xactly Incent Express
  • Slack
  • Dropbox for Salesforce
  • Mailchimp for Salesforce
  • CodeScience.
They help sellers to track, manage, and work with their customers in a more efficient manner.  

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