Our Thoughts About Software Design And Development

Updating your online presence is a must.

Before approaching how to maintain your website or how to keep your website regularly updated, it is important to understand why do we need to update our online presence regularly? Why is it so important to keep a check on the newer technologies on a regular basis?

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Progressive web application

If you think in simple terms, progressive web applications are regular websites or a mobile site with additional features and newer functionalities give the user an app like feel or native mobile app feel. The best thing about progressive app is they are fast, smooth as they use service workers and installable that means that it can be used both online and offline and even in slow internet connection, thus successfully delivers an extraordinary user experience.

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Learning to Wireframe: 10 Best Practices

At the wireframing phase of the design process, our ideas are young and unpolished. Wireframes, whether created on scraps of paper, a whiteboard, or in a software program, serve to establish relationships between elements in a project such as: navigation, imagery, and calls to action. But if we think of wireframing as a tool, it’s ultimate purpose is to create an ideal space for collaborative conversations about design solutions, while supporting iterations and driving rapid ideation.

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